Llewellyn Barker2

Llewellyn Barker
Branford, Connecticut


Llewellyn Manville Barker is a direct descendent of Edward Barkerone of the original founders of the colony of BranfordCT.  In the absence of his diaries, Llewellyn’s life would most likely be left to a few paragraphs, a few dates and some census data references.  Through his diary entries, however, Llewellyn comes to life through his own words and he shows us his life’s meaning as he struggles to live a good life in the 19th and early 20th century.


 Llewellyn wrote in his diaries for 72 years from 1865 when he was 14 to the day before he died in 1937 at the age of 87.   These diary volumes form the basis for the book I have published entitled “THE BARKERS OF BRANFORD: LIFE IN AMERICA THROUGH A LOCAL LENS”

Ted Braun

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About tedbraun135

I have been interested in genealogical research regarding Llewellyn Barker (1850-1937) of Branford, CT. He is the Great-Grandfather of my wife Deirdre. I am working on transcribing his diary entries which exist from 1865-1937 in 57 annual volumes.
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