In this edited version of Llewellyn’s diaries during this time period, approximately 40 representative entries from each year from 1865 through 1875 were chosen. Primary candidates for selection were those that gave a view of typical activities, unique events, or those that gave insight into his internal life, thinking or emotions. Each entry chosen is the entire entry for that date. Many of the people noted in the diary are identified. For the sake of the reader’s ability to identify and follow them, these names are in bold print, capitalized, and the spelling corrected. For the first entry of each new person identified, a brief reference to his or her relationship to Llewellyn is provided in brackets immediately following the name. All other punctuation (or lack of it), capitalization and spelling remain as in the original material. However, to facilitate reader understanding, misspelled words are immediately followed by bracketed corrections where necessary. In that punctuation marks were most often lacking, also to facilitate reader understanding, extra spaces were left to separate one thought from the next.  Anything in brackets or in regular text below diary entries are editorial comments, descriptions, or explanations.


7 Responses to I. FORMATIVE YEARS (1865-1875) INTRO

  1. tedbraun135 says:

    This is a test comment

  2. Dana says:

    This is fabulous! What an absolutely perfect way to organize and share all things Llewellyn! Think of how far this project has gone in such a short time….

    • tedbraun135 says:

      Hi Dana;
      So great that you got a chance to see it. I’m just checking out if I can reply back to you through the web site.
      Let me know if you get this.
      Thanks for helping out!

  3. Mac says:

    Wow – I get it all the way out here in Santa Fe
    Good work

  4. Meiching says:

    Ian and I were counting how many generations it is between Mr. Barker and Ian. This is so cool. Thanks for doing this.

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